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This page contains information about the Project class, used for keeping track of projects.

Class structure

A project is a page in the Project category with the properties listed below. This category is used to list projects on the Main Page as well as the Research Overview page. There are a couple of subcategories that are also used:

Required properties

Name Description
title Title of the project. This is also used as the page name.
agency Funding agency, company or other funding source. This should be written out (Air Force Office of Scientific Research)
ID Short name identifier for the project; used by the Papers and Group members classes for funding and project info.

Optional properties

Name Description
grant number Funding agency grant number
start date Starting date for the project
end date Ending date for the project
support Short description of what the project supports (eg, ~2 students + materials)
reports Reporting requirements for the project (eg, annual reports due in June)
ack Acknowledge wording, to be used for publications that reference this award

Project ID

The Project ID is used by the Papers and Group members classes to refer to projects and funding sources. It should have the form

AAAA ProjectName


  • 'AAAA' is an abbreviation for the funding source (eg, AFOSR, HFSP)
  • 'ProjectName' is short description of the project (eg, BRI, TX-TL)

Templates and Actions

List of projects using this class

Project pageProject IDStart dateEnd date
A Brain Circuit Program for Understanding the Sensorimotor Basis of BehaviorNIH U191 September 201730 August 2022
Actuation of Synthetic Cells Via Proto-Flagellar MotorsNSF EAGER15 August 202031 July 2022
An Open Synthetic Biology Toolkit for Engineering Reliable Genetic Circuits in Microbes in SoilRSI Soil Syn Bio1 July 202030 June 2022
Assurance for Learning Enabled SystemsDARPA ALES1 September 201930 June 2021
Center for Harnessing Microbiota from Military Environments (CHARMME)ARO CHARMME30 September 202229 September 2027
Deciphering the Rules of Nucleus Architecture with Synthetic Cells and OrganellesBBSRC SynNucleus15 October 202130 September 2024
Design of Digitally Controlled Bacterial Circuits for Bioenabled MaterialsICB Materials1 October 201930 September 2021
Developing Standardized Cell-Free Platforms for Rapid Prototyping of Synthetic Biology Circuits and PathwaysNSF Cell-Free1 July 201930 June 2023
Dissecting microbiome-gut-brain circuits for microbial modulation of host cognition in response to diet and stressARO GMB1 October 201730 September 2022
Enabling Technologies for Cell-Silicon InterfacingARL19 hybrid14 February 201913 February 2021
Engineering Durable Cell-Free Biological Capabilities for Advanced Sensing and PrototypingARL cellfree14 February 201913 February 2021
Engineering Reliable Genetic Circuits for Characterization and Remediation of Soil EcologiesICB Soil Syn Bio15 October 202114 October 2023
Engineering Replication-, Growth-, and Division-Deficient E. coli for Safe, Stable and Efficient FunctionRosen Simple Cell1 July 202030 June 2021
Field-Programmable, Recombinase-Based Biomolecular CircuitsAICB MRSB1 December 201830 November 2021
Formal Methods for V&V and T&E of Autonomous SystemsAFOSR T&E1 July 201930 June 2022
Fundamental Biological Factors Underlying Human Performance: From Molecular Diagnostics and Detection to Behavior and Systems BiologyARL19 zebrafish14 February 201931 December 2021
Genetic Circuits for Multi-Cellular MachinesICB Microbial1 January 201831 December 2020
Layered T&E for Safety-Critical Autonomous SystemsAFOSR T&E230 September 202229 September 2025
Multi-Layer, Composable and Programmable Biomolecular Circuits for Microbial ConsortiaICB multilayer1 December 202130 November 2023
Rapid, Reliable and Repeatable Platforms for Cell-Free PrototypingSynvitrobio SBIR1 October 201631 July 2018
Robust Multi-Layer Control Systems for Cooperative Cellular BehaviorsDARPA BioCon19 October 201618 April 2021
Rules of Composition in Synthetic Biology Across Scales of Complexity: Theory and ToolsAFOSR Syn Bio1 July 202230 June 2027
Safety-Critical Autonomy and Verification for Space MissionsJPL PDF171 October 201731 May 2018
Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems: From Validation & Verification to Test & EvaluationNSF T&E1 October 201930 September 2022
Synthesizing flight software (FSW) discrete controllers from formal specificationsJPL CIF171 January 201731 December 2017
Temporal Logic Specifications for Control System Design in Automotive SystemsDENSO CPM1 July 201630 March 2020
VeHICaL: Verified Human Interfaces, Control, and Learning for Semi-Autonomous SystemsNSF VehiCaL1 September 201631 August 2021