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This page contains information about the Paper class, used for keeping track of technical papers.

Class structure

A paper is a page in the Papers category with the properties listed below. This category is used to extract references for project reports as well as the master papers list linked from the main page.

Required properties

Name Description
Title Title of the paper. This is also used as the page name.
Author Authors of the paper. Standard format is initials plus last name, non-serial comma.
Source Publishing information about the paper (journal/conference name)
ID Sequencing identifier for the paper, of the form YYYYx.
Tag Unique identifier for the paper, of the form AAAYY-place.

Optional properties

Name Description
Type Type of publication: standard types include "Conference paper", "Journal paper", "Technical report", "Preprint"
Funding Information on projects that funded the work. This field is used to extract papers into project pages. See User:Admin/Projects for a list of project names used in this field.
DOI Digital object identifier
Flags Obsolete property used as part of the HTDB papers database; not used here


The 'ID' and 'Tag' properties iare used as a way of sorting entries in the database when lists are created. The identifier should use the following forms:

Tag = aaaYY-place


  • 'YYYY' is the four digit year in which this entry should be listed. Typically this is the year in which the entry is created.
  • 'x' is a lower case sequencing letter. This letter should be incremented for each group of papers that is created, although it is common to use the same letter when creating multiple papers that have the same timestamp (eg, submissions to a conference).
  • 'aaa' is the author initials. For a single author, use the first three letters of the authors last name, all lower case. For four or fewer authors, used the first character of the last names of the authors (lower case). For more than four authors, use the first three letters of the authors last name (lower case), followed by '+'.
  • 'YY' is the two digit year.
  • 'place' is a short abbreviation for the place that the paper was submitted, either a journal, conference, preprint repository or other descriptive term. Examples include "acc", "seed", "biorxiv".

Note that the form 'aaaYY-place' will usually match the name of the preprint file (with '.pdf' appended).

Templates and Actions