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{{group entry|Zoila Jurado*|ME}}
{{group entry|Zoila Jurado*|ME}}
{{group entry|Manisha Kapasiawala|BE}}
{{group entry|Manisha Kapasiawala|BE}}
{{group entry|Matthieu Kratz|BE}}
{{group entry|Matthieu Kratz*|BE}}
{{group entry|Elin Larsson#|EAS}}
{{group entry|Elin Larsson#|EAS}}
{{group entry|Geoffroy Le Courtois Du Manoir|CMS}}
{{group entry|Geoffroy Le Courtois Du Manoir|CMS}}

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Richard M. Murray

Thomas E. and Doris Everhart Professor of
Control & Dynamical Systems and Bioengineering

California Institute of Technology

Papers Research Group Teaching Contact

Quick Links:

Group Schedule

BE 240

E/SEC 103

Feedback Systems

Biomolecular Feedback Systems


My group's research is in the application of feedback and control to networked systems, with applications in biology and autonomy. Current projects include work on biomolecular feedback systems, novel architectures for control systems, and networked control systems (see my research overview for more details).

Preprint archive
Caltech theses
Google Scholar

Active projects:



Apurva Badithela (CDS)
Francesca Baldini* (Ae)
Karena Cai (CDS)
Richard Cheng* (ME)
Samuel Clamons (BE)
Chuchu Fan (CMS)
Meichen Fang° (BE)
David Garcia (BBE)
Josefine Graebener (AS)
Leopold Green (BBE)
Chelsea Hu (BE)
Jianyi Huang° (BE)
Zoila Jurado* (ME)
Manisha Kapasiawala (BE)
Matthieu Kratz* (BE)
Elin Larsson# (EAS)
Geoffroy Le Courtois Du Manoir (CMS)
John Marken (BE)
Michaelle Mayalu (CMS)
Reed McCardell (BE)
Liana Merk† (BE)
Ayush Pandey (EE)
James Parkin (BE)
Tung Phan (ME)
William Poole* (CNS)
Mark Prator# (EAS)
Xinying (Cindy) Ren (CDS)
Andrey Shur (BE)
Sophie Walton† (BE)
Rory Williams (BE)
Shuyue Yu† (IDS)
Miki Yun# (EAS)

* co-advised students + visiting researchers ° rotation students † undergraduates # research tech

2020 Summer Students

Giovanna Amorim (U. Maryland)
Tom Andersson (Lund U.)
Nazmus Saadat (Oxford)
Albert Anis (Lund U.)
Berlin Del Aguila (Humbolt State)
Ayush Blindish (India)
Agrima Deedwania (India)
Joe Peterson (U. Minnesota)
Christian Zapata-Sanin (CS)
Bruno Freeman (CS/Ma)
Nazmus Saadat (Oxford U.)
Jere Susas (Cal State Northridge)
Victoria Chen (BE)
Katherine Pan (BE)

Former graduate students:

  • Sumanth Dathathri - PhD in Computing and Mathematical Sciences, March 2020
  • Vipul Singhal - PhD in Computation and Neural Systems, June 2018
  • Ania Baetica - PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems, May 2018
  • Ioannis Filippidis - PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems, December 2017
  • Anandh Swaminathan - PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems, December 2017
Dionysios Barmpoutis (thesis)
Robert Behnken (thesis)
Julia Badger (Braman) (thesis)
Francesco Bullo (thesis)
Robert Bodenheimer*
John Carson (thesis)
Andrea Censi (thesis)
Benson Christalin#
Tim Chung*
Lars Cremean (thesis)
Nadine Dabby*
Raff D'Andrea*
Samantha (Feakins) Daly#
Emzo de los Santos (thesis)
Domitilla Del Vecchio (thesis)
Mary Dunlop (thesis)
William Dunbar (thesis)
Michael Epstein (thesis)
Alex Fax (thesis)
Anthony Fragoso (thesis)
Sawyer Fuller (thesis)
Melvin Flores (thesis)
Elisa Franco (thesis)
Jimmy Fung (thesis)
Marcella Gomez (thesis)
Martha Grover (Gallivan) (thesis)
Shaobin Guo (thesis)
Vijay Gupta (thesis)
Sonja Glavaski*
Shuo Han (thesis)
Adam Hayes*
Sean Humbert (thesis)
Victoria Hsiao (thesis)
Ali Jadbabaie* (thesis)
Zhipu Jin (thesis)
Vanessa Jonsson (thesis)
Scott Kelly (thesis)
Dmitriy Kogan#
Javad Lavaei* (thesis)
Andrew Lewis (thesis)
Scott Livingston (thesis)
Robert M'Closkey (thesis)
Mark Milam (thesis)
Michiel van Nieuwstadt (thesis)
Ivan Papusha (thesis)
Muruhan Rathinam (thesis)
Clancy Rowley*
Ben Shapiro (thesis)
Ling Shi (thesis)
Demetri Spanos (thesis)
Zachary Sun (thesis)/
Sudipto Sur (thesis)
Anu Thubagere* (thesis)
Amber Thweatt#
Jorge Tierno*
Abhishek Tiwari (thesis)
Pete Trautman (thesis)
Stephanie Tsuei#
David van Gogh#
Tony Vanelli# (thesis)
Ophelia Venturelli (thesis)
Yong Wang (thesis)
Steve Waydo* (thesis)
Eric Wolff (thesis)
Nok Wongpiromsarn (thesis)
Yong Wu (thesis)
Huan (Mumu) Xu (thesis)
Enoch Yeung (thesis)
Simon Yeung (thesis)

# Masters or Engineers degree    * Co-advised student

Former postdocs:

  • John McManus (2018-2019) - Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Jin Ge (2017-2018) - CMS Postdoctoral Fellow
Raktim Bhattacharya (2002-04)
Brianno Coller (1995-97)
Noel du Toit (2011)
Samira Farahani (2014-15)
Sofie Haesaert (2016-2018)
Yutaka Hori (2013-2016)
Tamer Inanc (2002-04)
Jongmin Kim (2010-14)
Eric Klavins* (2001-03)
Feng-Li Lian (2001-02)
Jun Liu (2011-2012)
Catherine McGhan (2014-2016)
Yilin Mo (2013-15)
Kristi Morgansen (1999-2001)
Pascal Morin (1996-97)
Yasamin Mostofi (2004-06)
Reza Olfati-Saber (2001-04)
Yizhar Or (2007-09)
Necmiye Ozay (2010-13)
Pavithra Prabhakar (2011-12)
Nicolas Petit (2001-02)
Vasu Raman (2013-15)
Henrik Sandberg (2005-07)
Shaunak Sen (2011-12)
B. N. Shashikanth* (1998-2000)
Dan Siegal (2012-15)
Andrew Straw* (2010)
Willem Sluis (1994-96)
Herbert Streumper (1997-99)
Ufuk Topcu (2008-12)

Additional group alumni:   SURF    Senior thesis    Visitors


The list below is the courses that I have taught at Caltech (or at least most of them). The course links will take you to the (current) course homepage, where you can find the syllabus, handouts, and homework sets. The links for specific terms take you to the course homepage for that term. Links to older courses are available on a separate page.


Mailing Address

Richard M. Murray
Control and Dynamical Systems 107-81
California Institute of Technology
1200 E. California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91125 USA

Contact information

Office: 109 Steele Lab, (626) 395-6460
Asst: Monica Nolasco, x4140
Labs: B112 Steele, 136 Keck

Other links

Engineering and Applied Science
Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Control and Dynamical Systems