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  1. ACM 101/AM 125b/CDS 140a, Winter 2013
  2. ACM 101b/AM 125b/CDS 140a, Winter 2014
  3. AFOSR
  5. ARL/ICB Crash Course in Systems Biology, August 2010
  6. A Bayesian approach to inferring chemical signal timing and amplitude in a temporal logic gate using the cell population distributional response
  7. A Brain Circuit Program for Understanding the Sensorimotor Basis of Behavior
  8. A Case Study in Approximate Linearization: The Acrobot Example
  9. A Compositional Approach to Stochastic Optimal Control with Co-safe Temporal Logic Specifications
  10. A Compositional Approach to Stochastic Optimal Control with Temporal Logic Specifications
  11. A Computational Approach to Real-Time Trajectory Generation for Constrained Mechanical Systems
  12. A Constrained Optimization Framework for Wireless Networking in Multi-Vehicle Applications
  13. A Contract-Based Methodology for Aircraft Electric Power System Design
  14. A Control-Oriented Analysis of Bio-Inspired Visuomotor Convergence
  15. A Design Study for Thermal Control of a CVD Reactor for YBCO
  16. A Domain-Specific Language for Reactive Control Protocols for Aircraft Electric Power Systems
  17. A Framework for Low--Observable Tra jectory Generation in the Presence of Multiple Radars
  18. A Framework for Lyapunov Certificates for Multi-Vehicle Rendezvous Problems
  19. A Frequency Domain Condition for Stability of Interconnected MIMO Systems
  20. A Geometric Perspective on Bifurcation Control

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