A Framework for Lyapunov Certificates for Multi-Vehicle Rendezvous Problems

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Abhishek Tiwari, Jimmy Fung, John Carson, Raktim Bhattacharya, Richard M. Murray
2004 American Control Conference

In this paper we present a dynamical systems representation for multi-agent rendezvous on the phase plane. We restrict our attention to two agents, each with scalar dynamics. The problem of rendezvous is cast as a stabilization problem, with a set of constraints on the trajectories of the agents, defined on the phase plane. We also describe a method to generate control Lyapunov functions that when used in conjunction with a stabilizing control law, such as Sontag's formula, make sure that the two-agent system attains rendezvous. The main result of this paper is a Lyapunov-like certificate theorem that describes a set of constraints, which when satisfied are su±cient to guarantee rendezvous.