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{{group entry|Andrey Shur|BE}}
{{group entry|Andrey Shur|BE}}
{{group entry|Rory Williams|BE}}
{{group entry|Rory Williams|BE}}
{{group entry|Shuyue Yu†|IDS}}
{{group entry|Miki Yun#|EAS}}
{{group entry|Miki Yun#|EAS}}

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Richard M. Murray

Thomas E. and Doris Everhart Professor of
Control & Dynamical Systems and Bioengineering

California Institute of Technology

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CMS 273

Group Schedule

Feedback Systems

Biomolecular Feedback Systems


My group's research is in the application of feedback and control to networked systems, with applications in biology and autonomy. Current projects include work on biomolecular feedback systems, novel architectures for control systems, and networked control systems (see my research overview for more details).

Preprint archive
Caltech theses
Google Scholar

Active projects:



Apurva Badithela (CDS)
Karena Cai (CDS)
Samuel Clamons (BE)
Ersin Das+ (Turkey)
David Garcia (BBE)
Josefine Graebener (AS)
Chelsea Hu (BE)
Zoila Jurado* (ME)
Leopold Green (BBE)
Manisha Kapasiawala (BE)
Matthieu Kratz* (BE)
John Marken (BE)
Michaelle Mayalu (CMS)
Reed McCardell (BE)
Liana Merk† (BE)
Joe Meyerowitz (BMB)
Ayush Pandey (EE)
James Parkin (BE)
William Poole* (CNS)
Mark Prator# (EAS)
Xinying (Cindy) Ren (CDS)
Ankita Roychoudhury† (BE)
Andrey Shur (BE)
Rory Williams (BE)
Miki Yun# (EAS)

* co-advised students + visiting researchers ° rotation students † undergraduates # research tech

Former graduate students:


Mailing Address

Richard M. Murray
Control and Dynamical Systems 107-81
California Institute of Technology
1200 E. California Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91125 USA

Contact information

Office: 109 Steele Lab, (626) 395-6460
Asst: Monica Nolasco, x4140
Labs: B112 Steele, 136 Keck

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Engineering and Applied Science
Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Control and Dynamical Systems