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This page contains information about the Project class, used for keeping track of projects.

Class structure

A project is a page in the Project category with the properties listed below. This category is used to list projects on the Main Page as well as the Research Overview page. There are a couple of subcategories that are also used:

Required properties

Name Description
title Title of the project. This is also used as the page name.
agency Funding agency, company or other funding source. This should be written out (Air Force Office of Scientific Research)
ID Short name identifier for the project; used by the Papers and Group members classes for funding and project info.

Optional properties

Name Description
grantno Funding agency grant number
start Starting date for the project
end Ending date for the project
support Short description of what the project supports (eg, ~2 students + materials)
reports Reporting requirements for the project (eg, annual reports due in June)

Project ID

The Project ID is used by the Papers and Group members classes to refer to projects and funding sources. It should have the form

AAAA ProjectName


  • 'AAAA' is an abbreviation for the funding source (eg, AFOSR, HFSP)
  • 'ProjectName' is short description of the project (eg, BRI, TX-TL)

Templates and Actions