CDS 110b: Course Overview

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WARNING: This page is for a previous year.
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This short (30 min) lecture provides a brief overview of the course.

Lecture Outline

  1. Course goals and approach
    • Introduce modern tools for control system design: optimal control, LQR, Kalman filtering, robust loop shaping
    • Give insight into control implementation through optional lab experiment (Alice)
  2. Course overview
    • Part I: optimal control - trajectory generation to LQR
    • Part II: state estimation - random processes, Kalman filtering
    • Part III: robust control theory
  3. Course Administration - review of course syllabus
  4. Additional CDS course opportunities
    • CDS Minor: CDS 110ab, CDS 104 (spring) or CDS 140a (fall)
    • CDS 270: Networked control systems (spring 2006)
    • CDS 237: Frontiers in Control and Dynamical Systems

Lecture Materials

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