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{| border=0 width=100%
|- bgcolor=red
| <center>'''WARNING: This page is for a previous year.'''<br> See [[CDS 110b|current course homepage]] to find most recent page available.</center>
<table width=100% border=1>
<table width=100% border=1>
<tr bgcolor=lightgreen>
<tr bgcolor=lightgreen>
<td width=20% align=center> [[CDS 110b, Winter 2006|Course Home]]
<td width=20% align=center> [[CDS 110b, Winter 2006|Course Home]]</td>
<td width=20% align=center> [[CDS 110b: Course Overview|Previous Lecture]]
<td width=20% align=center> [[CDS 110b: Weighted Sensitivity|L7-2: Sensitivity]]</td>
<td width=20% align=center> [[CDS 110b: Optimal Control|Current Lecture]]
<td width=20% align=center> [[CDS 110b: Robust Stability|L8-1: Robust Stability]]</td>
<td width=20% align=center> [[CDS 110b: Linear Quadratic Regulators|Next Lecture}}
<td width=20% align=center> [[CDS 110b: Robust Performance|L9-1: Robust Perf]]</td>
<td width=20% align=center>[[CDS_110b, Winter 2006#Course Schedule|Schedule]]
<td width=20% align=center>[[CDS_110b, Winter 2006#Course Schedule|Schedule]]</td>

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WARNING: This page is for a previous year.
See current course homepage to find most recent page available.
Course Home L7-2: Sensitivity L8-1: Robust Stability L9-1: Robust Perf Schedule