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This page contains the schedule for the course, linked to the Solar Decathlon project schedule and deliverables. Each term is a separate section, listed here in reverse chronological order.

Fall 2010

Activities in Fall 2010 are focused on the design development phase of the competition. At the end of this phase, we should have a buildable design for the entire house. Design documents are due to DOE on 23 November 2010.

Project GOTChA chart

This quad chart gives a snapshot of the planned activities for the term, at a high level. This information is presented here in the form of a GOTChA chart.


  • Build an integrated team (SCI-Arc + Caltech) that can win the 2011 Solar Decathlon
  • Complete the design development phase of the Solar Decathlon competition and submit design documents on time
  • Evaluate and explore options for providing some technology sizzle in our design

Technical Challenges

  • Bring 20-30 new Caltech students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels up to speed quickly
  • Integration of SCI-Arc and Caltech activities (people, goals, schedule, deliverables)
  • Some existing baseline designs are not very complete; need more work and re-validation
  • Some subsystems have no baseline design


  • Assign students to subsystems and teams, with linkages between teams with overlapping functionality or interfaces
  • For subsystems with existing baseline designs:
    • Revalidate the baseline design computations and verify that baseline can achieve maximum points for relevant competition(s)
    • Communicate and agree on specifications and choices with IPT and SCI-Arc teams
    • Perform model-based analysis of system performance in a form that can be used for trade-off studies
    • Document the baseline design in a manner that is compatible with design development phase deliverable
    • Evaluate technology options that can be incorporated into our design and perform cost analysis for each
  • For subsystems without existing baseline designs:
    • Analyze options design with performance, cost, electrical load, thermal load estimates
    • Establish a baseline design that can achieve maximum points for relevant competition(s), in agreement with IPT and SCI-Arc teams
    • Document the baseline design in a manner that is compatible with design development phase deliverable
  • Develop and maintain system-level cost and energy budgets and use these to verify ability to maximize points on engineering-driven competitions
    • Provide a design capable of full capability (max points) with net-zero energy consumption for 95th percentile day
    • Provide a design capable of 90% max points on worst case day (over last 20 years)


  • Stick to summer 2010 system architecture decisions; avoid re-inventing the wheel
  • Hold off on alterations to the baseline until we have a fully analyzed, documented and costed baseline
  • Schedule planning event with Caltech + SCI-Arc to help people meet each other and align goals, milestones and schedule
  • Make use of the project wiki as a mechanism to document and enhance team communication
  • Identify individual students who will be responsible for insuring good cross-project integration between appropriate groups
  • Develop analytical or computational models demonstrating that specifications can be met
  • Milestones
    • 13 Oct: each subsystem team knows what SD rules apply to their subsystem + understand existing baseline design
    • 27 Oct: revalidated/preliminary baseline design computations for each subsystem (depending on initial state); shared decision making between SCI-Arc and Caltech
    • 10 Nov: rigorously analyzed and documented baseline designs complete for all subsystems
    • 23 Nov: design development documentation complete and delivered to DOE
    • 10 Dec: final reports for each student due, with complete subsystem documentation available on project wiki

Course schedule

Week Date Topic Reading/Activities Homework
27 Sep (M) Organizational meeting
  • Reed: Solar Decathlon overview [15 min]
  • Fei: Baseline overview [15 min]
  • Richard: CS/EE/ME 75 organization [20 min]
  • Q&A [5 min]
  • Submit signup and scheduling sheet by Wed @ noon to box outside 109 Steele
  • Read SD rules and baseline design descriptions (see HW #1)
  • Team assignments (required for HW #1) will be available by Thursday (30 Sep)
HW #1
  • SD competition rules
  • Subsystem baseline description
  • Wiki user page creation
4 Oct (M) Project schedule
  • Overall SD schedule [Reed]
  • SCI-Arc/Caltech master schedule for fall [Reed]
  • GOTChA charts [Richard]
  • Milestone "party" (9 Oct?)

Team meetings start. Joint scheduling event with Sci-Arc on 9 Oct (?)

HW #2: Team schedules, subsystem GOTChAs
11 Oct (M)* System specifications
  • Baseline specifications [Fei]
  • Documentation format [Reed]
HW #3: Project specifications
18 Oct (M) System modeling HW #4: Baseline model and analysis
25 Oct (M)* Design review process Design reviews (midterms)
1 Nov (M) Team presentation
8 Nov (M)* Team presentation
15 Nov (M)* Team presentation Design review
22 Nov (M) Project review Building information model, design drawings and project manual due
29 Nov (M) Lessons learned and plans for second term Project documentation due (end of finals)