CS-EE-ME 75 Fall 2010 Homework 1

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CS/EE/ME 75 Organization Schedule Team wiki Public site

R. Murray Issued: 1 Oct 2010, 12 pm
CS/EE/ME 75, Fall 2010 Due: 4 Oct 2010, 6 pm
  1. [20 points] Using the login and password information sent to the sd-cit mailing list, log in to the team wiki and perform the following actions:
    1. Click on the "Log in/Create Account" link on the top right of the main page and create an account using your IMSS username. For your "real name", please use the name you prefer to be called and your last name. Make sure to enter your e-mail address, so that you can "watch" pages for changes.
    2. Create a user page that has a picture, short biography and a link to the team page for the team you are a part of. There is an example of a user page on the main page of the wiki.
    3. Update your team page so that your name is a link back to your user page.
    4. Update the Team Contacts page (on the menu bar on the right) to include an entry for yourself.

    If you have never used a wiki before, the "Getting Started" link

  2. [25 points] Choose one of the subsystems that your team is responsible for and that you are interested in working on. Create a section on your user page titled "Homework 1, Problem 2" and perform the following actions, with your answers given as a bulleted list:
    1. List the name of the subsystem, with links to any pages that describe previous work on your subsystem
    2. Read the Solar Decathlon rules and list the competitions to which the subsystem contributes, plus the number of points the competition is worth and a one sentence summary of the role that the subsystem plays in getting maximum points
    3. Spend 15 minutes trying to find the baseline design for the subsystem. If you find the baseline design, give a short summary of the design. Include links to any pages on the wiki where the specifications of your subsystem are discussed (if there are more than 5 such pages, list the 5 most relevant ones). If you can't find the baseline design, send e-mail to your TA and ask for a hint. If there is no baseline design for the system you chose, enter "No baseline design"
    4. List the people who have worked on the subsystem in the past, with links to their user pages if they have one

    Notes on this problem:

    • The subsystem you choose is not necessarily the subsystem that you will work on for the term. Those assignments will be determined by the team, working with the TA.
    • Don't spend more than about 30 minutes on this problem, but do get help from your TA if you get stuck.
  3. [5 points] If you haven't already, respond to the Doodle poll that your TA sent out regarding a time for the team meeting. If you didn't get an e-mail message asking you to fill out the poll, send e-mail to your TA and cc Richard Murray (so that we can figure out why you aren't getting team mailings).