Packet-based Control with Norm Bounded Uncertainties

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In this lecture, we (to be filled)

Lecture Materials


  • Kalman Filtering with Intermittent Observations, B. Sinopoli, L. Schenato, M. Franceschetti, K. Poolla, M. Jordan and S. Sastry. This is the paper where all the proofs reside. Below I posted Chapter 3 of my thesis, which is essentially the same, but the notation is more consistent with the next two lectures.

  • Optimal Estimation in Lossy Networks This is chapter 3 of my thesis. Content is almost the same as the paper above, but notation is slightly modified to be consistent with the control part.

Additional Resources

  • The Kalman Filter, G. Welch and G. Bishop. A webpage with many links on Kalman filter.

  • Optimal Filtering, B.D.O Anderson and J.B. Moore. Dover Books on Engineering, 2005. A reissue of a book from 1979. It contains a detailed mathematical presentation of filtering problems and the Kalman filter. A very good book.