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== Course Materials ==
== Course Materials ==
* {{cds110b-wi07 pdfs|L9-1_robstab.pdf|Lecture slides}}
* {{cds110b-wi07 pdfs|L9-1_robstab.pdf|Lecture slides on robust stability}}
* {{cds110b-wi07 pdfs|L9-2_robstab.pdf|Lecture notes on robust stability}}
* {{cds110b-wi07 pdfs|hw8.pdf|HW #8}} (due 9 Mar 07 [Fri])
* {{cds110b-wi07 pdfs|hw8.pdf|HW #8}} (due 9 Mar 07 [Fri])

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This set of lecture describes how to model uncertainty in \(H_\infty\) control and provides conditions for checking robust stability in this framework.

Course Materials

References and Further Reading

  • AM06, Sections 9.5, 12.1 and 12.2

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