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== References and Further Reading ==
== References and Further Reading ==
* {{AM08|Chapter 12 - Robust Performance}}
* {{AM08|Chapter 12 - Robust Performance}}
* [[:media:Guaranteed_margins_for_LQG_regulators_-_doyle.pdf| Guaranteed margins for LQG regulators, J. Doyle ]]

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
== Frequently Asked Questions ==

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CDS 110b Schedule Project Course Text

This set of lectures reviews modeling of uncertainty and the use of frequency domain techniques for verifying robust stability and performance of control systems. We begin by exploring how observer-based control systems can lead to non-robust behavior in the closed loop and then discuss how to modify the designs to achieve robust performance.

  1. Unmodeled dynamics
  2. Stability and the small gain theorem
  3. Examples: observer-based control design
  1. Robust performance
  2. Design for robust performance
  3. H infinity control design

References and Further Reading

Frequently Asked Questions