CDS 110b, Winter 2008 - Course Project

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CDS 110b Schedule Project Course Text

This page contains information for students working on the optional course project for CDS 110, Winter 2008.


  • 23 Jan 08: project assignments posted

Project assignments

  • Group 1 - Teamone (Alice): Michael Elzinga, Kelly Littlepage, Erica Pantel
  • Group 2 - Hedgehog (Alice): Dionysios Barmpoutis, Annie Liu, Matt Wu
  • Group 3 - Platypus (Alice): Nicholas Fette, Glenn Wagner, Stephen Duewel
  • Group 4 (Hovercraft): Vanessa Carson, Chris Schantz, Kenny Oslund, Nam Nguyen

Project schedule

  • Weeks 1 & 2: normal CDS 110 schedule
  • Week 3: LQR design + orientation
  • Week 4: LQR implementation and testing
  • Week 5: midterm writeup
  • Week 6: Trajectory generation + LQR tracking
  • Week 7-8: state estimation design + implementation
  • Week 9: implementation (backup)
  • Week 10: final writeup

Alice project information

Getting started

  • Add your name to the cds110b-alice mailing list
  • Log in to the Team Caltech wiki, which contains documentation on Alice. Find the 'follow' page, which describes the program that you will use to control Alice
  • Read the JFR06 article (below), which gives a high level overview of Alice


Hovercraft project information

Getting Started


Project Documentation

  • MVWT - this is the main site for MVWT documentation (replacing the old web site as information gets transferred over)