Synthesis and Validation of Control Software For A Vehicular Electric Power Distribution Testbed

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Robert Rogersten, Huan Xu, Necmiye Ozay, Ufuk Topcu and Richard M. Murray
Submitted, AIAA J. Aerospace Information Systems (Aug 2013)

Modern aircraft increasing rely on electric power, resulting in high safety-criticality and complexity in their electric power generation and distribution systems. Moti- vated by the resulting rapid increase in the costs and duration of the design cycles for such systems, we investigate the use of formal specification and automated, correct-by-construction control protocols synthesis for primary distribution in vehicular electric power networks. We discuss a design workflow that aims to transition from the traditional âdesign+verifyâ approach to a âspecify+synthesizeâ approach. We give an overview of a subset of the recent advances in the synthesis of reactive control proto- cols. We apply these techniques in the context of reconfiguration of the networks in reaction to the changes in their operating environment. We also validate these automatically synthesized control protocols on high-fidelity simulation models and on an academic-scale hardware testbed.