Sensor Scheduling Algorithms Requiring Limited Computation

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Vijay Gupta, Timothy Chung, Babak Hassibi and Richard M. Murray
Submitted, 2004 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)

In this paper, we consider the scenario where many sensors co-operate to estimate a process. Only one sensor can take a measurement at any time step. We wish to come up with optimal sensor scheduling algorithms. The problem is motivated by the use of sonar range-finders used by the vehicles on the Caltech Multi-Vehicle Wireless Testbed. We see that this problem involves searching a tree in general and propose and analyze two strategies for pruning the tree to keep the computation limited. The first is a sliding window strategy motivated by the Viterbi algorithm, and the second one uses thresholding. We also study a technique that employs choosing the sensors randomly from a probability distribution which can then be optimized. The performance of the algorithms are illustrated with the help of numerical examples.