Robust Nonlinear Control Theory with Applications to Aerospace Vehicles

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John C. Doyle and Richard M. Murray
1996 IFAC World Congress

This paper is a very brief outline of an invited poster session giving a first-year progress report on a research program with the above title being carried out in the Control and Dynamical Systems (CDS) department at Caltech. This 5-year grant funded by the AFOSR Partnership for Research Excellence Transition (PRET) Program has a special emphasis on transitioning new methods to industrial practice and thus involves a high level of industrial participation. The focus of our program is fundamental research in general methods of analysis and design of complex uncertain nonlinear systems, from creating new mathematical theory to working to make that theory help engineers solve a variety of real industrial problems. Caltech's Control and Dynamical Systems department was created with precisely this goal, which is shared by our industrial collaborators, led by Honeywell. Further details will be available at the poster session.