Robust Model Predictive Control for Signal Temporal Logic Synthesis

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Title Robust Model Predictive Control for Signal Temporal Logic Synthesis
Authors Samira S. Farahani, Vasumathi Raman and and Richard M. Murray
Source 2015 IFAC Conference on Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems (ADHS)
Abstract Most automated systems operate in uncertain or adversarial conditions, and have to be capable of reliably reacting to changes in the environment. The focus of this paper is on automatically synthesizing reactive controllers for cyber-physical systems subject to signal temporal logic (STL) specifications. We build on recent work that encodes STL specifications as mixed integer linear constraints on the variables of a discrete-time model of the system and environment dynamics. To obtain a reactive controller, we present solutions to the worst-case model predictive control (MPC) problem using a suite of mixed integer linear programming techniques. We demonstrate the comparative effectiveness of several existing worst-case MPC techniques, when applied to the problem of control subject to temporal logic specifications; our empirical results emphasize the need to develop specialized solutions for this domain.
Type Conference paper
Tag frm15-adhs
ID 2014n
Funding SRC TerraSwarm