Resource optimisation in a wireless sensor network with guaranteed estimator performance

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L Shi, A Capponi, K Johansson, R Murray
IET Control Theory and Applications, 4(5):710-723

New control paradigms are needed for large networks of wireless sensors and actuators in order to efficiently utilise system resources. In this study, the authors consider the problem of discrete-tie state estimation over a wireless sensor network. Given a tree that represents the sensor communications with the fusion centre, the authors derive the optimal estimation algorithm at the fusion centre, and provide a closed-form expression for the steady-state error covariance matrix. They then present a tree reconfiguration algorithm that produces a sensor tree that has low overall energy consumption and guarantees a desired level of estimation quality at the fusion centre. The authors further propose a sensor tree construction and scheduling algorithm that leads to a longer network lifetime than the tree reconfiguration algorithm. Examples are provided throughout the paper to demonstrate the algorithms and theory developed.