Parametric Delay-margin Maximization of Consensus Network Using Local Control Scheme

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Linlin Ou, Ye Yuan and Richard M. Murray
Submitted, 2012 American Control Conference (ACC)

We consider a network of identical agents with arbitrary linear time-invariant (LTI) dynamics such that the network reaches consensus asymptotically. Uniform time delay is taken into account in the communication channels. The goal of this paper is to maximize the delay (so-called delay margin) that the system can tolerate before becoming unstable by implementing a low-order controller to a single agent. A parametric design method is investigated to guarantee the stability and consensusability. The set of all feasible low-order controllers based on the frequency response data is characterized by combining the argument principle and the generalized Nyquist criterion. Based on this, the algorithm of computing the delay margin is proposed for a given controlled agent. By combining all the possible margins for each controlled agent, we then can obtain the maximal delay margin for the whole network and the corresponding local controller.