Network Science and Engineering: A Theory of Network Architecture

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This is a joint project with Steven Low (PI), Emmanuel Candes, Mani Chandy, John Doyle, funded by the NSF Network Science and Engineering (NetSE) program. This page primarily describes the work done in Richard Murray's group.

Current participants: Past participants:
  • Dionysios Barmpoutis (PhD student, CNS)

Project Objectives

This project is directed at developing a theoretical foundation for the design of network architecture, which is essential to understanding highly evolved, organized, and complex networks, inspired by and with application to tech, bio, eco, and social networks, and with strong connec- tions to real-world data. Testbeds that are being leveraged include a variety of related programs on smart power grids (in collaboration with and funded by Southern California Edison) and several social and cyber-physical network problems as well as next generation Internet architecture.