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This page is intended to be used for comments on Chapter 2 - State Estimation. To enter a new comment, create a new third level heading with your name and date. Then enter comments below and people can respond/converse.

RMM comments, 15 Jun 09

  1. Need an intro to the chapter that summarizes what will be presented in this chapter and how it fits into the book (background chapter, etc).
  2. For proofs, I think we should either include the proof or just say before/after the theorem statement that the proof is available in the literature and give some citations. So remove the proof environment for Thm 2.2.
  3. Karl Astrom told me that a "Luenberger" observer is a reduced order observer and not just a state estimator. If we keep this section, we should check on the naming.
    • In the conference call, Vijay made the point that we probably don't need this section. Just stick with the Kalman filter. --Richard Murray 17:59, 16 June 2009 (PDT)
  4. Throughout this chapter, I think we need to add inputs. We'll need this in the TCP/UDP case.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of using bold symbols (eg, Yk for the vector of y's). I think it is fine to just use a capital letter, without changing the font. Probably OK to leave for now and we can hash it out later.
  6. We need to sort out whether the decentralized Kalman filter belongs in this chapter or in the distributed estimation chapter. I feel like it will make more sense in the later chapter, since it is really not "background" information.
  7. We need to decide how to refer to equations in the text. I usually write equation (1), which I feel is easier to read than Eqn. 1. I also like to put parenthesis around the equation number (use \eqref for this) since that matches the way the label appears in the text.

LS replies, 21 Jun 09

  1. Have changed the outline of Ch2 and added an intro section.
  2. Removed proof for Thm 2.2.
  3. Removed the whole section on Luenberger.
  4. Added input to KF.
  5. Changed to capital letters only.
  6. To be arranged.
  7. Changed to equation (xxx).

30 Jul 09 telecon

Comments on this chapter from 30 Jul 09 telecon:

---Changed/added/fixed by Ling----------

  • Notation: covariance - \Sigma_{
  • Notation: label equations as a group
  • Notation: sort out notation for transpose (probably ^T)
  • Notation: dx/dt = Ax + B u for continuous derivative
  • Direct term: mention that we are not include this
  • Lyapunov and Ricatti operators: h, g, g^n, h^n

---to be changed/added/fixed-------------

  • Think through notation for sets (currently A, B, etc)
  • Notation: use \mathbb E for expectation
  • Discrete time noise - check derivation
  • Notation: * for messy expressions