Model-Based Control of Cavity Oscillations, Part I: Experiments

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Title Model-Based Control of Cavity Oscillations, Part I: Experiments
Authors D. R. Williams, C. W. Rowley, T. Colonius, R. M. Murray, D. G. MacMartin, D. Fabris and and J. Albertson
Source AIAA Paper 2002-0971, 40th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting , January 2002
Abstract An experimental investigation of acoustic mode noise suppression was conducted in a cavity using a digital controller with a linear control algorithm. The control algorithm was based on flow field physics similar to the Rossiter model for acoustic resonance. Details of the controller and results from its implementation are presented in the companion paper by Rowley, et al (2002). Here the experiments and some details of the flow field development are described, which were done primarily at Mach number 0.34 corresponding to single mode resonance in the cavity. A novel method using feedback control to suppress the resonant mode and open-loop forcing to inject a non-resonant mode was developed for system identification. The results were used to obtain empirical transfer functions of the components of resonance, and measurements of the shear layer growth for use in the design of the control algorithm.
Type Conference paper
Tag wil+02-aiaa
ID 2002