Just-in-time synthesis for motion planning with temporal logic

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Scott C. Livingston and Richard M. Murray
2013 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)

The cost of the great expressivity of motion planning subject to temporal logic formulae is intractability. Recent advances in sampling-based methods seem to be only applicable to âlow-levelâ control. The problem of realizing âhigh-levelâ controllers that satisfy a temporal logic specification does not readily admit approximations, unless the notion of correctness is relaxed as might be achieved with probabilistic variants of temporal logics. In this paper, we argue that not all possible environment (uncontrolled) behaviors need to be explicitly planned for, but rather short-time strategies can be generated online while maintaining global correctness. We achieve this by separating feasibility from controller synthesis, using a metric from the underlying continuous state space to ensure short-time strategies chained together provide globally correct behavior.