Hiding variables when decomposing specifications into GR(1) contracts

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Title Hiding variables when decomposing specifications into GR(1) contracts
Authors Ioannis Filippidis and Richard M. Murray
Source Submitted, 2017 Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)
Abstract We propose a method for eliminating variables from component specifications during the decomposition of GR(1) properties into contracts. The variables that can be eliminated are identified by parameterizing the communication architecture to investigate the dependence of realizability on the availability of information. We prove that the selected variables can be hidden from other components, while still expressing the resulting specification as a game with full information with respect to the remaining variables. The values of other variables need not be known all the time, so we hide them for part of the time, thus reducing the amount of information that needs to be communicated between components. We improve on our previous results on algorithmic decomposition of GR(1) properties, and prove existence of decompositions in the full information case. We use semantic methods of computation based on binary decision diagrams. To recover the constructed specifications so that humans can read them, we implement exact symbolic minimal covering over the lattice of integer orthotopes, thus deriving minimal formulae in disjunctive normal form over integer variable intervals.
Type Conference paper
URL http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~murray/preprints/fm17-cdc s.pdf
Tag fm17-cdc
ID 2017b
Funding SRC TerraSwarm, DENSO CPM