Design and application of stationary phase combinatorial promoters

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Title Design and application of stationary phase combinatorial promoters
Authors Victoria Hsiao and Aileen Cheng and Richard M. Murray
Source Submitted, 2016 Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution and Design (SEED) Conference
Abstract Current bacterial synthetic circuits rely on the fast dilution and high protein expression that occurs during exponential phase. However, constant exponential phase is both difficult to ensure in a lab environment and almost certainly impractical in any natural setting. Here, we characterize the performance of 13 E. coli native 38 promoters, as well as a previously identified 38 consensus promoter. We then make tetO combinatorial versions of the three strongest promoters to allow for inducible delayed expression. The design of these combinatorial promoters allows for design of circuits with inducible stationary phase activity that can be used for phase-dependent delays in dynamic circuits or spatial partitioning of biofilms.
Type Conference paper
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Tag hcm16-seed
ID 2016b
Funding ARO ICB
Flags Biocircuits