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Notes regarding possible follow-on races for DGC teams.

  • 23 Nov 05: met with Stefano Soatto and Pietro Perona about possible "Autonomy Cup", ala the America's Cup. Stanford currently has the cup and Caltech might challenge them. Stanford would pick the rules and the date, Caltech would help coordinate the competition. We would have to figure out a way to do this for relatively low funding, or find a sponsor. Pietro will talk to Sebastian Thrun about this in a few weeks.
  • 24 Nov 05: looked around on the DARPA site and the web for follow-on DGC events. Nothing on the DARPA bulletin boards or Google. Looked around on the Stanford site, but nothing seems to have been posted since 9 October, except for a video of the race (including footage of passing the Red Team).

This Cup is donated upon the conditions that it shall be preserved as a perpetual Challenge Cup for friendly competition between foreign countries.
Any organized Yacht Club of a foreign country, [...] shall always be entitled to the right of sailing a match for this Cup, [...] against any one yacht or vessel constructed in the country of the Club holding the Cup.
The Challenging Club shall give ten months' notice, in writing, naming the days for the proposed races; [...]
The Club challenging for the Cup and the Club holding the same may, by mutual consent, make any arrangement satisfactory to both as to the dates, courses, number of trials, rules and sailing regulations, and any and all other conditions of the match, in which case also the ten months' notice may be waived.