Daimler Chrysler 2006-04-10

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Phone call from Prof. Barrat (sp?)

Present: Pietro, Richard

  1. Intro
    • Proposal sparked some interest; wanted to know what Daimler Chrysler would have to do to be a sponsor
  2. Background (Pietro)
    • DGC background
    • Teaching/research context
    • Would like instrumented cars. Thought of Daimler Chrysler and Toyota. Contacting them sequentially.
  3. Discussion
    • Q: What would the timing be? A: DARPA had non-ideal timing. We were thinking end of summer.
    • Originally thought that we organized the DGC
    • Pietro described what we imagined
    • Custom versus stock vehicles; consider fairly advanced cars
    • Would like to see urban environment: traffic lights, etc. Structure like America's cup?
  4. Daimler Chrysler's interests
    • Has relatively little information from Dr. Flick. Just two pager.
    • Q: do we want to do hardware research or software research? Feels like for students doing software research is more interesting. Hardware could be extremely expensive; does not seem that possible.
    • Don't have an A or B class vehicle in the US. Would need to get back to Mercedes Benz USA to figure out they think about it. Would need to talk to PR.
    • Giving a vehicle is not a problem. How much support is required and how to support from Stuttgart is the question
  5. Next steps
    • Will talk to staff and get back to us
    • Pietro: Mettzler and Han. Dickmanns
    • Action (Pietro): Find out how much Volkswagen committed to Stanford
    • Will contact us in early May