Control of Rotating Stall in a Low-Speed Axial Flow Compressor Using Pulsed Air Injection: Modeling, Simulations, and Experimental Validation

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Robert L. Behnken, Raffaello D'Andrea, Richard M. Murray
1995 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

Previous results in the use of pulsed air injection for active control of rotating stall have suggested that air injectors have the effect of shifting the steady state compressor characteristic. In this paper we analyze the effect of a compressor characteristic actuation scheme for the three state Moore Greitzer compression system model. It is shown that closed loop feedback based on the square magnitude of the first rotating stall mode can be used to decrease the hysteresis region associated with the transition from unstalled to stalled and back to unstalled operation. The compressor characteristic shifting idea is then applied to a higher fidelity distributed model in which the characteristic shifting has phase content in addition to the magnitude content captured by the three state model. The optimal phasing of the air injection relative to the sensed position of the stall cell is determined via simulation and the results found to agree with those obtained via an experimental parametric study on the Caltech low-speed axial flow compressor.}