Cone Invariance and Rendezvous of Multiple Agents

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Raktim Bhattacharya, Abhishek Tiwari, Jimmy Fung and Richard M. Murray
Submitted, IEEE T. Automatic Control

In this paper we present a dynamical systems framework for analyzing multi-agent rendezvous problems and characterize the dynamical behavior of the collective system. Recently, the problem of rendezvous has been addressed considerably in the graph theoretic framework, which is strongly based on the communication aspects of the problem. The proposed approach is based on set invariance theory and focusses on how to generate feedback between the vehicles, a key part of the rendezvous problem. The rendezvous problem is defined on the positions of the agents and the dynamics is modeled as linear first order systems. The proposed framework however is not fundamentally limited to linear first order dynamics and can be extended to analyze rendezvous of higher order agents.