Computing Augmented Finite Transition Systems to Synthesize Switching Protocols for Polynomial Switched Systems

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Necmiye Ozay, Jun Liu, Pavithra Prabhakar, and Richard M. Murray
2013 American Control Conference (ACC)

This work is motivated by the problem of synthe- sizing mode sequences for continuous-time polynomial switched systems in order to guarantee that the trajectories of the system satisfy certain high-level specifications expressed in linear temporal logic. We use augmented finite transition systems as abstract models of continuous switched systems. Augmented finite transition systems are equipped with liveness properties that can be used to enforce progress in accordance with the underlying dynamics. We then introduce abstraction and refinement relations that induce a preorder on this class of finite transition systems. By construction, the resulting pre-order respects the feasibility (i.e., realizability) of the synthesis problem. Hence, existence of a discrete switching strategy for one of these abstract finite transition systems guarantees the existence of a mode sequence for the continuous system such that all of its trajectories satisfy the specification. We also present an algorithm, which can be implemented using sum-of-squares based relaxations, to compute such high fidelity abstract models in a computationally tractable way. Finally, these ideas are illustrated on an example.