Characterizing the Effects of Air Injection on Compressor Performance for Use in Active Control of Rotating Stall

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Robert L. Behnken, Mina Leung, and Richard M. Murray
1997 Turbo Expo

Previous work at Caltech has developed an air injection controller for rotating stall based on the idea of a shifting compressor characteristic. To further understand the properties of this controllers, a series of open loop tests were performed to measure the performance characteristics of an axial flow compression system when air was injected upstream of the rotor face. The distance from the rotor face, the span-wise position, and the angle relative to the mean axial flow were varied. These tests show that the injection of air has drastic effects on the stalling mass flow rate and on the size of the hysteresis loop associated with rotating stall. The stalling mass flow rate was decreased by 10\% and the hysteresis loop was completely eliminated under some conditions.