CS-EE-ME 75 Spring 2011 Final Report

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R. Murray Issued: 31 May 2011
CS/EE/ME 75, Spring 2011 Due: 3, 10 Jun, 5 pm

Each student must turn in a final report documenting their work for CS/EE/ME 75c. Your final report consists of two parts:

  • User page: Your user page on the wiki should have a picture and short bio at the top of the page, followed by a listing of the teams and subsystems that you are a member of (with links to the appropriate wiki pages). In a section titled "Spring 2011 Activities", you should describe in words what work you participated in over the course of the term. You do not need to include information from homework sets that was not related to the team or subsystem that you were part of.
  • Subsystem page: Your subsystem page should form the main documentation for your work over the term. It should contain the header information that is common to all subsystem pages, followed by a clear and concise description of your subsystem performance goals, baseline design, operational description and supporting analysis.
    • This page can be written as a group and can use information from the project manual, design schematics and homework sets.
    • The most important thing is that this page provide clear documentation of your subsystem, so that someone with suitable background in the subject (the instructors and TAs) can understand what your subsystem does, how it works, and why it will satisfy the metrics for the SD competition.
    • OK to put details that are not required to understand the basic design on separate pages, but these pages will not be read in determining your grade.

You do not need to hand in these two sections. Starting no earlier than 5 pm on 3 June (seniors) or 10 June (everyone else), we will print out your user page, your subsystem page(s) and then grade these as your final report.

Grading notes

  • Final documentation (40 points) - 3-5 points for your description of your activities (3 points if you had a user page but didn't describe your activities, 5 points if you gave a very clear description of your work over the term). 28-35 points for the subsystem pages.
  • For the subsystem pages, two very good pages to look at as examples that received full points are the Spring 2011 HVAC/DHW page and the Spring 2011 PV System page. Both of these pages gave lots of detail about their designs, including a description of the baseline design, analysis of alternatives considered during the term, results from modeling and prototyping, etc.