CS-EE-ME 75 Fall 2010 Homework 4

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R. Murray Issued: 28 Nov, 8 pm
CS/EE/ME 75, Fall 2010 Due: 3 Dec, 5 pm
  1. [5 pts] At the bottom of your user page, create a second-level section (==) titled "CS/EE/ME 75a Homework". Move all information from previous homework sets to this section of your user page, as a separate third-level section (===) for each set (including this one), with the title "Homework N" (where N = 1, 2, 3 or 4).
    • This section of your user page will be deleted by the instructors during grading. You should put information required for your final project report above this portion of your user page (OK to duplicate)
  2. [5 pts] In the section of your user page for homework 4, place a link to your design review presentation (in PDF format). Underneath the link, list any RFAs that pertain to your subsystem (you can get these from your TAs).
  3. [10 pts] For each RFA your subsystem received, respond to the request by inserting comments on the RFA page. This information will be sent to the person who generated the request for their feedback on whether the RFA was addressed. (If you have no RFAs for your subsystem, please indicate this underneath the design review link. This problem will be removed when computing your score for the homework.) This problem can be done as a group.
  4. [15 pts] On your user page, provide an assessment of whether baseline design for your subsystem can achieve the maximum number of points in the competition. This assessment should consisting of the following:
    • A list of the competitions that your subsystem affects, the number of points attributable to your subsystem, and your estimate of the fraction of those points that can be obtained with the baseline design.
    • A list of the top 3 risks in implementing the baseline design for your subsystem
    • A list of “risk reduction” activities for next term: what do you think we should do to insure that we achieve the baseline design and receive the maximum possible number of points
    This problem should be done individually.
  5. [5 pts] On your user page, provide a list of 1-3 technology options (“sizzle”) that should be explored next term (these don't have to be specific to your subsystem). This problem should be done individually.
  6. [10 bonus pts; due by 10 Dec 2010] Add a photograph to your user page showing you in front of the mockup house at SCI-Arc.