CS-EE-ME 75 Fall 2010 Homework 3

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R. Murray Issued: 21 Oct 2010, 8 am
CS/EE/ME 75, Fall 2010 Due: 29 Oct 2010, 12 pm (noon)

As a subsystem team, choose from one of the two categories below that best matches your subsystem. If neither category is a clear fit, talk to the TA or instructor for your team.

Hardware-Oriented Subsystems

  1. [5 pts] Create a section on your subsystem wiki page for “Modeling and Analysis”
  2. [5 pts] List the questions that you would like answer using your model (related to contest rules, GOTChA chart, etc)
  3. [20 pts] List at least two approaches you can take to modeling your subsystem. For each approach, give a rough description of the relevant details that are included in the model and the pros and cons of using that modeling for answering the questions that you posed.
    • If your subsystem has already been analyzed using a model or modeling tool, you may use this as one of your approaches
    • It's OK if your two modeling approaches answer different sets of questions

Software-Oriented Subsystems

  1. [5 pts] Create a section on your subsystem wiki page for “Software Implementation”
  2. [10 pts] List at least two specifications that your software must satisfy. Some possibilities include
    • Safety: response to conditions that ensure “safe” operation
    • Liveness: ongoing operations and response to events
  3. [10 pts] Give a list of unit tests that could be used to test the specifications of your code. Your description for each unit test should be sufficient to understand how it would be coded up and how it addresses the relevant specification.
  4. [5 pts] List the models of other systems that are required for you to test your system (eg, if you would test something by simulating some subsystem's behavior, what behavior must be captured).