Synthesis of Distributed Longitudinal Control 1 Protocols for a Platoon of Autonomous Vehicles

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Duo Han, Yilin Mo, Richard M. Murray
Submitted, 2015 Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

We develop a framework for control protocol syn- thesis for a platoon of autonomous vehicles subject to temporal logic specifications. We describe the desired behavior of the platoon in a set of linear temporal logic formulas, such as collision avoidance, close spacing or comfortability. The problem of decomposing a global specification for the platoon into distributed specification for each pair of adjacent vehicles is hard to solve. We use the invariant specifications to tackle this problem and the decomposition is proved to be scalable.. Based on the specifications in Assumption/Guarantee form, we can construct a two-player game (between the vehicle and its closest leader) locally to automatically synthesize a controller protocol for each vehicle. Simulation example for a distributed vehicles control problem is also shown.