Synthesis of Correct-by-construction Control Protocols for Hybrid Systems Using Partial State Information

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Oscar Mickelin, Necmiye Ozay and Richard M. Murray
Submitted, 2014 American Control Conference (ACC)

This paper considers the problem of synthesizing output-feedback control laws for a class of discrete-time hybrid systems in order for the trajectories of the system to satisfy certain high-level specifications expressed in linear temporal logic. By leveraging ideas from robust interpretation of temporal logic formulas and bounded-error estimation, we identify a subclass of systems for which it is possible to reduce the problem to a state-feedback form. In particular, we use locally superstable hybrid observers to resolve the partial information at the continuous level. This allows us to use recent results in temporal logic planning to synthesize the desired controllers based on two-player perfect- information games. The overall control architecture consists of a hybrid observer, a high-level switching protocol and a low-level continuous controller. We demonstrate the proposed framework in a case study on designing control protocols for an aircraft air management system.