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== Headline text ==
Quick Start Manual for the Roboflag SW:
Quick Start Manual for the Roboflag SW:

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Headline text

Quick Start Manual for the Roboflag SW:

For the Windows machines:

  • Get the latest version. So far we can use the programs located in one of the SURF Windows machine, in "E:/Jine oboflag/Roboflag04work/roboflag/Runtime".
  • Before running any program, you must make sure that the configure files are correct.

a. "Connectioin Parameters.txt": IP of Real_world_host should be (if running the simulator on the same machine) or the IP of the linux machine on which the MVServer is running. b. "Trajectory Configure.txt": The most important thing is the number of the algorithm. For Steelebots, it should be 0~3 (default is 3). For Kellys or Bats, it should be 4. c. "ObjectParameters.txt": all the data are set to default values.

  • Running the files in sequence: RoboflagConfigurator.bat, startNetwork.bat(need to make sure the IP of the different team machine is correct), Setup.bat(The first line is for simulator, the second line is for MVServer. You need to comment one of them and also start MVServe before run this bat file), and LaunchTeamOne.bat(LaunchTeamTwo.bat).

For the Linux machines:

  • Go the directory "/home/zhipu/MVWTII/MVServer", run "./MVServer".

For more details, please contact Michael Victor Yeh at myeh@cds.caltech.edu