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Hi, This is Zhipu Jin. I am a third year graduate student in Richard Murray's group. This summer I am the coordinator of the Vehicle Team for the RoboFlag/Coop Control SURF project.

My office is in basement 4 in STEELE, Ext is 2313. Email is

Homepage of Zhipu

  • [Bug Report]


Today we were testing each of the Kellys to travel in a circle. Kelly #2 is not able to run on the circle program.

The USB driver is working ok from the following test...

command# rsh mvwt2 mvwt2# startupic

  Device inserted!


At this point, the fans speed up, slow down and stop from the USB fan test.

I get the following problem when I try to test Kelly #2 by running the circle program...

command# cd /home/zhipu/mvwt/users/zhipu/Kellytest command# ./ 2

  Attempting command for 1 vehicle(s)
  Vehicle 2...

rcp: can't truncate /home/exec//FOrmationCircle_shell: corrupted file system detected Finished

Possible solutions:

  1. 1: reinstall operating system
  2. 2: mark bad blocks in the hard drive during the reinstallation steps