Molecular Programming Architectures, Abstractions, Algorithms, and Applications

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This is a joint project between Caltech, Harvard, U. Washington and UCSF. This page primarily describes the work done in Richard Murray's group; see the MPP homepage for a description of the complete project.

Current participants:

Additional participants:

  • William Poole (Alumni, CNS)
Past participants:
  • Samuel Clamons (Alumni, BE)
  • Andrew Montequin (Alumni, BE)
  • Anu Thubagere (PhD student, BE)
  • Jongmin Kim (postdoc, BE)



Molecular programming involves the specification of structures, circuits, and behaviors both within living and non-living systems—systems in which computing and decision-making will carried out by chemical processes themselves. Our work focuses on the development of in vitro circuits that demonstrate the principles of feedback in biomolecular systems and the application of cell-free assays as a "biomolecular breadboard" for molecular programming.


Research supported by the National Science Foundation award number 1317694.

  • Agency: NSF
  • Grant number: 1317694
  • Start date: 1 Oct 2013
  • End date: 30 Sep 2018
  • Support: shared students/postdocs + supplies
  • Reporting: annually in September