MVWT Meeting 2004 08 05

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Weekly Project Meeting, 5 Aug 04

Goals and Agenda


  • Review team activities, using status charts
  • Review plans for SURF competition


  1. Review goals and agenda; select notetaker
  2. Discussion of project review
  3. Team updates: vehicle, positioning, C2
  4. RoboFlag competition

Notes from Meeting

  1. project review:

Joe: It's good to get feedback. Richard: Get inputs from experts, to save time and energy. Schedule the time slots according to the demands of each team. Also make the assigned time slots shorter than actually it should be to avoid running over time. Chung: Need to go through the notation before the review and make sure they can follow these talks. Alex: Reviewers cannot follow the Status chart easily.

  1. team updates:

(1). vehicle team

Zhipu: changes in the GOTChA chart. see web file for details. Richard: is the traj module consistent with C2 team? Chung: point - to - point controller is not suitable for Kellys or Bats as the dynamics are second order and controller should make use of the dynamics. Richard: path based traj preferred, position based traj, velocity based traj Zhipu: documentations / send emails to ROCO group member such as Alcherio Martinoli at or Adam Hayes at for Steelebots' documentations.

(2) Positioning Team

Demetri: Need to upload the GOTChA to wiki. Test compass on the roof. Cost of GPS: $500.00 / 3 boards. Compasses are functional on Bats. Test 16 hats simultaneously in the lab.

(3) C2 Team Joe: Updates Arbiter, data logger, MVServer needs a new "Makefile". Needs enough Windows machines to run Roboflag SW.

  1. ROBOFLAG Competition

Richard: two teams (Jing, Andrew) vs. (Brian, Joe). make decisions on Vehicles picking and strategy design.

Data_taking day in next two week. Playing RoboFlag and anyother projects. Recording all the data by camcorder and computers.

Everybody should try out his/her own codes on Vehicles in next week. Each team test their code and softwares on the real vehicles.