MVWT Meeting 2004-07-8

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Weekly Project Meeting, 8 Jul 04

Goals and Agenda


  • Review timeline and upcoming activities
  • Review vehicle system architecture
  • Review team activities, using status charts


  1. Review goals and agenda; select notetaker
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Vehicle system architecture (Zhipu et al)
  4. Team updates: (vehicle), positioning, C2

Additional Information


Notes from Meeting

  • Group must decide on date for lab cleanup.
  • Must decide which team (C2 or Vehicle) is in charge of NTG interface module.
  • Vehicle team must talk to Positioning team about interface to RFID module.
  • Zhipu recommends Positioning team run further tests on vision system using multiple Kellys.
  • Positioning team must test differential GPS system.
  • C2 team needs to know about velocity information from the RFID system for MVServer test.
  • Kelly Roboflag software deadline is Tuesday (7/13).