MVWT Meeting 2004-06-17

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Weekly Project Meeting, 17 Jun 04

Goals and Agenda


  • Discuss draft plans from each of the subteams
  • Talk about status of RoboFlag infrastructure


  1. Goals, agenda and notetaker
  2. Subteam reports: vehicle, positioning, C2
    • Present draft GOTChA chart (5 min each)
    • Discussion (5 min each)
  3. RoboFlag discussion
    • Status of simulation, code, etc
    • Plans for research and competition


  1. Positioning GOTChA for 06-17-04 meeting
  2. Vehicle Team GOTChA for 06-17-04 meeting Media:GOTChA_Vehicle.ppt

Items and Comments from Meeting

  1. Vehicle Team
    • GOTChA chart needs to have more specific objectives, with timetables and quantitative requirements.
    • The deadline should be in the objectives.
    • The approach needs to directly address the technical challenges
  2. Positioning Team
    • Timing is the major issue
      • Need a solution for the roof by Aug. 15
      • Need to maintain current vision capabilities in time for first competition.
    • Need to deal with other teams and scheduling--if the vision system doesn't work, hard for others to test.
    • It's most likely that the RFID system won't work quickly, so it's important to get the vision system up to full capability soon.
  3. C2 Team
    • We need a 2nd, non-Roboflag command and control system.
    • Include quantitative objectives--how many vehicles to handle, what speed for data logging, etc.
  4. General Action Items
    • Update colored arrows in charts, changes in GOTChA charts should be in blue.
    • Each team needs a block diagram, with each person doing some block of jobs.
  5. For Next Week:
    • Each team needs both charts
    • Each team should have a weekly regular meeting time.
    • Talk with coordinators about timelines.