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=== Date Optioins ===
=== Date Optioins ===
* ''' August 3 (Thursday) - August 6 (Sunday), 2006 (winner)'''
* ''' August 3 (Thursday) - August 6 (Sunday), 2006'''

=== Trail Description ===
=== Trail Description ===

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Group Backpacking Hiking Trip

Mary and Zhipu are organizing Murray's Group backpacking trip this year. They tried to narrow down the details according to Richard's "Devil" schedule and other tradeoffs. A tremendous response were received from group members and other friends. The tirp will happen on August 3 - August 6, 2006. The trail is Rainbow Mtn. - Sawtooth Pass (near Mineral King, in south part of Sequoia National Park). A permit for 15 people has been reserved. Please contract Zhipu (jzp@caltech.edu) or Mary (mjdunlop@caltech.edu) to confirm your participation.

Be Prepared

  • Start working out and keep yourself fit
  • Wilderness tirp planning guide: Backcountry Basics

Details about The Trip

Date Optioins

  • August 3 (Thursday) - August 6 (Sunday), 2006

Trail Description

  • (T2) Rainbow Mtn. - Sawtooth Pass
   * Nearby City:   Mineral King, CA (South Part of Sequoia National Park)
   * Length:   about 30 total miles
   * Trail Type:   Loop
   * Skill Level:   Moderate/Hard
   * Duration:   Arrive Mineral King at Wed. night and use 4 days to finish the loop
   * Map of Sequoia NP: Media: pdf
   * Driving Time to Destination: 5.5 hours
   * What the Guidebook Says:
"Two scenic passes over the Great Western Divide, forested canyons and
beautiful lakes with excellent fishing make this Sequoia National
Park's most popular loop from Mineral King."

Trip Itinerary

  • Day 0 (Aug. 2, Wed.): Driving down to Mineral King in the afternoon
  • Day 1 (Aug. 3, Thu.): Mineral King to Lower Franklin Lake. 6 miles, 2480 ft ascent
  • Day 2 (Aug. 4, Fri.): Lower Franklin Lake to Little Claire Lake. 7 miles, 1480 ascent, 1350 descent. Early in the day go over Franklin Pass (11,800 ft)
  • Day 3 (Aug. 5, Sat.): Little Claire Lake to Upper Lost Canyon. 9 miles, 1400 ft ascent, 1200 ft descent
  • Day 4 (Aug. 6, Sun.): Upper Lost Canyon to Mineral King. 8 miles, 1400 ft ascent, 3760 ft descent. Go over Sawtooth Pass (11,600 ft)


The following people have send their responses:

  • Mary Dunlop - Prefer D1, D2, T2
  • Zhipu Jin - Prefer D1, D2
  • Richard Murray - I like the Mineral King option, if it is available (less driving, more hiking). Any of the dates are good for me, but there's a chance that I will need to fly out on 6 Aug for the east coast (⇒ I would need to come out on Saturday, 5 Aug). Prefer T2
  • Clancy Rowley - Prefer D1(with his wife), D3
  • Domitilla Del Vecchio - Prefer D2
  • Fei Wang - Prefer D1, D2, T1 (with Chunhui)
  • Michael Epstein - Prefer D2, D3
  • Jean Charles Delvenne - Prefer D3
  • John Carson - Prefer D2, D3
  • Henrik Sandberg - Prefer D3, D2
  • Ziad Fares - Prefer D1, D2
  • Elisa Franco - Prefer D2, T2 (with Stefano)
  • Sean Humbert - Prefer D1, D2, T2
  • Lars Cremean - Prefer T2
  • Sawyer Fuller - Prefer T2
  • Ben Shapiro - Prefer D2, then D3
  • Dave van Gogh - Prefer D2, T2

If your name isn't on this list and you still want to join us, please send an e-mail to Zhipu (jzp@caltech.edu) or Mary (mjdunlop@caltech.edu).