Control System Analysis on Symmetric Cones

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Ivan Papusha and Richard M. Murray
Submitted, 2015 Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

Motivated by the desire to analyze high dimen- sional control systems without explicitly forming computation- ally expensive linear matrix inequality (LMI) constraints, we seek to exploit special structure in the dynamics matrix. By using Jordan algebraic techniques we show how to analyze continuous time linear dynamical systems whose dynamics are exponentially invariant with respect to a symmetric cone. This allows us to characterize the families of Lyapunov functions that suffice to verify the stability of such systems. We highlight, from a computational viewpoint, a class of systems for which stability verification can be cast as a second order cone program (SOCP), and show how the same framework reduces to linear programming (LP) when the system is internally positive, and to semidefinite programming (SDP) when the system has no special structure.