CDS 110b, Winter 2014- Course Schedule

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CDS 110b Schedule Course Material

This page contains the course schedule for CDS 110b. The bold links for each week take you to a page that contains the a summary of the lectures for that week plus links to all course handouts.

Week Date Topic Reading Homework
State Estimation
7 Jan (T) Course overview
9 Jan (Th) State estimation
Stochastic Systems
14 Jan (T) Random Processes Friedland, Ch 10 HW 2 solns
16 Jan* (Th) Stochastic Systems
Kalman Filters
15 Jan (M) Martin Luther King Holiday HW #3 solns
17 Jan (W) Kalman Filtering
19 Jan (F) Linear Quadratic Estimators
Sensor Fusion
22 Jan (M) Discrete Time Kalman Filter HW #4 solns
24 Jan (W) Sensor Fusion via Kalman Filtering
26 Jan (F) Course project meeting
Nonlinear, Non-Gaussian Extensions
29 Jan (M) Moving horizon estimation and applications Midterm solns
31 Jan* (W) Midterm exam review
2 Feb* (F) No class
Linear Quadratic Optimal Control
5 Feb* (M) No class HW #5 solns
7 Feb* (W) Maximum principle
9 Feb (F) Linear quadratic regulators
Two Degree of Freedom Control Design
12 Feb (M) Trajectory Tracking and Gain Scheduling HW #6 solns
14 Feb (W) Differential Flatness
16 Feb (F) Recitation
Receding Horizon Optimal Control
19 Feb (M) President's Day Holiday HW #7solns
21 Feb (W) RHC problem formulation
23 Feb (F) RHC design considerations
Robust Stability
26 Feb* (M) No class (recitation) HW #8solns
28 Feb (W) Modeling Uncertainty
2 Mar (F) Robuts Stability
Design Examples
5 Mar (M) No class (recitation) Final
7 Mar (W) Networked control for autonomous systems
8 Mar* (F) Final exam review