CDS 101/110 - Introduction and Review

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CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations FAQ AM08 (errata)


The learning objectives for this week are:

  • Students should know what a feedback system is and how to identify the key components and properties of a control system in the everyday world
  • Students should be able to model a simple system (using ODEs) and use their model to make predictions about the behavior of a system
  • Students should be able to use MATLAB and SIMULINK to run a simulation of a control system and generate plots showing the performance of the system

Monday: Introduction to Feedback and Control (Slides, MP3)

The goal of this lecture is to introduce some of the basic ideas in feedback and control systems and provide examples that will allow students to identify and recognize control systems in their everyday world. Two major principles of control--robustness through feedback and design of dynamics--are emphasized throughout the lecture. CDS 101/110 course administration is also covered.

Wednesday: Review of Modeling using ODEs (Slides, MP3)

This lecture provides an overview of modeling for control systems. We discuss what a model is and what types of questions it can be used to answer. The concepts of state, dynamics, inputs and outputs are described, including running examples to demonstrate the concepts. Several different modeling techniques are summarized, with emphasis on differential equations. Two examples are included to demonstrate the main concepts.

Friday: MATLAB/SIMULINK Tutorial

This lecture provides an introduction to MATLAB/SIMULINK, a software package that will be used extensively throughout the course and on the homework assignments. Students who have not used MATLAB and SIMULINK in previous courses are strongly encouraged to attend. Note: This tutorial will be offered from 2-4 pm and 4-6 pm in TBD. Students may attend either session.



This homework set is designed to provide some examples and intuition about feedback and control systems. The first problem problem is a conceptual problem designed to provide examples of feedback and control systems in the everyday world. The second problem involves using MATLAB to explore the performance of a engineering feedback system by manually tuning gains and evaluating the resulting performance. The advanced problems (CDS 110 only) further explore these concepts through articles in the popular press about control systems and additional MATLAB/SIMULINK examples.


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