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'''Friday:''' [[CDS 101/110a, Fall 2008 - Recitation Schedule|Recitations]]
'''Friday:''' [[CDS 101/110a, Fall 2008 - Recitation Schedule|Recitations]]
:* [[CDS 210 - Stability Analysis]]
== Reading ==
== Reading ==

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CDS 101/110a Schedule Recitations FAQ AM08 (errata)


The learning objectives for this week are:

  • Students should be able to use a phase portraits to describe the behavior of dynamical systems and determine the stability of an equilibrium point
  • Students should be able to find equilibrium points for a nonlinear system and determine whether they are stable using linearizations (all) and Lyapunov functions (CDS 110/210)
  • Students should be able to explain the difference between stability, asymptotic stability, and global stability

Monday: Qualitative Analysis and Stability (Slides, MP3)

This lecture provides an introduction to stability of (nonlinear) control systems. Formal definitions of stability are given and phase portraits are introduced to help visualize the concepts. Local and global behavior of nonlinear systems is discussed, using a damped pendulum and the predator-prey problem as examples.

Wednesday: Stability Analysis using Lyapunov Functions (Notes, MP3)

Lyapunov functions are introduced as a method of proving stability for nonlinear systems. Simple examples are used to explain the concepts.

Friday: Recitations




Monday <ncl>CDS 101/110 FAQ - Lecture 2-1, Fall 2008</ncl> Wednesday <ncl>CDS 101/110 FAQ - Lecture 2-2, Fall 2008</ncl> Homework <ncl>CDS 101/110 FAQ - Homework 2, Fall 2008</ncl>