WASC teleconference, 30 Jun 06

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  • Present (CIT): David Goodstein, Henry Lester, RMM, Barbara Green, Carolyn Ash, Miriam Feldblum
  • Present (WASC): Theresa, Paul (WASC), Jeff,


Intro comments

  • Thanked us for our proposal
  • On paper we have not presented some of the areas that WASC uses
  • Will be particularly interested in student learnings and outcomes


  • Theresa: what was the process that led to these three issues? Eg, what is the campus self evaluation process and why are these the most appropriate issues?
    • A: CUE came up with the topics; decided to switch graduate to undergraduate
  • Where other constituencies were engaged?
    • A: CUE came up with the topics
  • Issues that came up previously that weren't addressed
    • Diversity - A: this is an issue that is always present
    • Humanities - A: this is in very good condition
  • Paula: the commission will want to know what we have done against these issues

Outcomes assessment

  • Outcomes assessment is very important
  • Question about ABET accreditation. RMM summarized what we been doing
  • Looks like they will want some type of outcomes assessment

Capacity versus Effectiveness

  • Increasing emphasis on student learning; how will two stage visit play into this
  • A (Carolyn): many opportunities for students to integrate what they are learning in their classes
  • Suggest that we think about the ways that we will split out capacity in first visit and effectiveness in the second

Example: student workload

  • Expect we would be looking course by course to understand what students are getting out of it
  • Capacity: look at structure of courses, sequencing, etc
  • Assessment: figure out what specifically to look at and whether it is accomplishing what we would like

Question (by Henry): any other institutions who have looked at honor codes?

  • A: not really

Next Steps

  • WASC will prepare a letter with fuller feedback; should go out by end of next week